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What We Do

IT Support, IT Consultation, & Network Assessment Test

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Whether you need an assessment, IT consultation, implementation, or further training and IT support, our certified technology specialists will provide the services to help your business thrive. We are customer-centric and customer-driven, and all of our services feature a customized SOW, complete reporting, and a dedicated project manager.

Managed Services and Remote IT Services

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There is a certain amount of trust that goes into working with an outside vendor. When it comes to entrusting management support for your critical data and bustling in-house IT environment, you have to proceed with caution.

As a managed IT services vendor, we understand your concerns, and we’ll provide detailed documentation and full disclosure on all projects to keep your mind at ease. We value your trust, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your trust in us isn’t compromised.

Efficient Network Infrastructure

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Is your network built to withstand tomorrow’s IT challenges?

Do you struggle to keep up with all of your disparate systems?

Are you looking for a way to optimize your IT networking solutions for greater simplicity and a more efficient network infrastructure?

With so many different data points and systems to manage, today’s IT infrastructure is more complex than ever. Organizations are looking for ways to consolidate all of their IT components into a single cohesive, integrated data center that can power through any situation.

Remote Backup Solutions

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Over the years, The Tech Zone’s Co-location Data Center and cloud services have evolved into a primary offsite hosting hub for our clients. As one of the most reliable data centers in Ontario, we’ll keep your critical applications and hardware out of harm’s way with a home away from home.

Customizable Hosting Solutions

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The Tech Zone is committed and dedicated to providing highly comprehensive, fully customizable and ultra-reliable hosting solutions at excellent prices. The Tech Zone should be you first choice for all your hosting needs: Domains, mailboxes, applications, dedicated support and more. Additionally, our webmasters offer vast hosting experience along with years of technical expertise.

IT Business Consulting

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What is the key difference between The Tech Zone and everyone else? We aren’t interested in a quick fix. We are focused on helping you crystallize the big picture for your business.

We are much more than a hardware and software vendor. More than anything, we can be your sounding board to solve complex business problems, identify new opportunities and achieve tremendous value through IT business consulting.

About Us

As the Tech Zone embarks on its 15th year in business, we are excited to take yet another step towards being one of the most versatile technology firms on the planet. While we continue to serve the local Toronto region, we are also expanding our global footprint.

The Tech Zone team is comprised of certified specialists and consultants that can help you manage your IT environment so your business can continue to evolve and maintain its focus on innovation.

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