Remote Backup Solutions

Over the years, The Tech Zone’s Co-location Data Center and cloud services have evolved into a primary offsite hosting hub for our clients. As one of the most reliable data centers in Ontario, we’ll keep your critical applications and hardware out of harm’s way with a home away from home.

The Tech Zone team can help you maintain instant access and upkeep for all applications, while trimming heavy labor, cost, and maintenance. By moving your solutions and utilizing our remote backup services, your organization will see your ROI steadily incline.

  • Increase your floor space for staff, storage, and management needs.
  • Optimize cost savings by reducing your IT hardware overhead.
  • Gain IT budget flexibility to spend on other resources, solutions, and services.
  • Enhance infrastructure performance through centralizing management of applications and hardware.

Backed by an industry leading service level agreement (SLA), The Tech Zone ensures safe data storage and stability. Our data centers are housed away from the high-risk, Greater Toronto area. Moreover, our service is dedicated and around the clock 24x7, 365 days a week.

Keep your core applications in the house that The Tech Zone built to avoid escalating in-house costs!

Cloud Services

The deployment of mission-critical applications to the Cloud requires a delicate, well-orchestrated scheme. With best-in-class IBM equipment as its backbone, The Tech Zone has developed a methodology to automate and deliver cloud services swiftly and efficiently.

The Tech Zone’s Cloud Enablement Solutions is a comprehensive approach for:

  • Deployment
  • Management
  • Maintenance

Maximize your IT resources through an on-demand, service-based strategy that’ll keep costs on a downward slope.