BYOD and Its Impact on Your Workforce

MobilityIn today’s bustling business world, anywhere and anytime workers are becoming more mainstream and influential on business processes and productivity. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rip out the wires confining employees to a workstation and enable free movement within or outside of office locations. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has the potential of changing the current workforce’s efficiency, mobility, outreach, and productivity. However, like other major technological changes, BYOD comes with its own set of benefits and potential areas of concern.


InformationWeek highlights security issues surrounding using employee’s personal devices. For 65% of companies allowing BYOD, 43% don’t have set security policies for protecting sensitive and work-related data. Balancing privacy on personal and policy adherence monitoring and MDM (mobile device management) on employee-owned devices can be a sensitive area for businesses.


One potential method to solve security issues is geo-fencing. ComputerWorld describes this concept as allowing access to only non-sensitive information from a certain distance from the building. This protective barrier reduces the amount of data vulnerable to exposure or loss, since phones may be misplaced, stolen, or hacked.


When handled and monitored effectively, businesses gain many benefits from using and encouraging BYOD, as discussed by IBM. Employees are familiar and comfortable with their own devices and experience high emotional investment in their hardware’s safety (misplacing one’s phone often leads to misplacing one’s mind). Rather than having an IT department or company perform necessary updates, individual users perform them. Additionally, with employees using and paying for their own devices, businesses may be able to save costs associated with hardware and subscription provisions.


With the evolution of technology from stationary devices to mobile devices, adopting BYOD and mobile device management has the potential of changing the workflow of your business. Contact The Tech Zone today. to learn more about how BYOD can impact your business.


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