Customization: The Secret Ingredient to a Better Cloud

One-size-fits-all may work when shopping for sunglasses and ear plugs, but for cloud services there is a big difference between custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions.  Cloud services that are designed specifically around an organization’s needs yield higher, faster returns compared to standard solutions.


Yes, the boxed, pre-packaged cloud solutions may come with a cheaper price tag and an “easier” deployment, but more often than not, those solutions wind up missing the mark on quality and functionality. After all, what’s the use of paying for a solution that isn’t integrated with your current environment?


Businesses need cloud environments that perform at the right levels – that make IT environments simpler rather than more complex. Custom – even semi-customized – cloud solutions may be the answer for many companies. They address the pitfalls that many out-of-the-box cloud solutions suffer from – including system integration – while keeping costs in check.


And don’t forget the greatest benefit: optimization. Custom cloud solutions are designed to meet the most specific organization requirements. Add an added layer of flexibility to meet changing needs, and custom cloud solutions can be programmed to handle a litany of jobs – including email and case management, social business, and mobile device controls.


For companies that are continuously growing and developing, like many small and medium businesses, scalability and the capacity to meet changing operation requirements is a must. A customized cloud is better equipped to bridge the gap between legacy systems and new IT upgrades and additions, which can save companies huge costs in the end.


Organizations that choose custom clouds over off-the-shelf often reap the rewards of enhanced control over their systems and IT resources. The ability to create, customize, and maintain their own software and critical applications is a huge bonus. Customized clouds also offer heavier, bolstered security compared to off-the-shelf counterparts.


Understanding the various benefits of different cloud models is the first step to achieving an optimally functional cloud. Discover the reason why many forward-thinking business are taking advantage of the cloud in our whitepaper, How Cloud Computing is Changing the Way SMB’s Do Business.