Cloud Innovations: Welcome to the New Mixed Cloud

Do you know the full potential of cloud in your organization?cloud_innovations_welcome_to_the_new_mixed_cloud


Cloud technologies aren’t what they were 5 years ago. As a cost-effective alternative to consolidate growth while improving system scalability and performance, their extreme rise in popularity in the SMBs marketplace is understandable. But, the variations and uses of cloud have taken off. Cloud now impacts nearly every industry and business size – from mom and pop shops to the largest Fortune 500 enterprises.


Businesses pulse to life on the wings of world-wide communication, and with an infrastructure that exists via network and internet connections, the cloud offers companies a means to communicate and share files like never before. With drones that can now provide mobile connections literally anywhere in the world for a fraction of the price of satellites, the internet really is available everywhere.


In the last few years, the cloud has seen quite a few innovations – and I mean more than the new and various “aaS” offerings. The conversation has switched from, “Why you should consider cloud…” to “How do you plan on managing all of those cloud environments?”


After all, public and private clouds each offer their own unique benefits. For those that seek the freedom of cloud services but wish to store sensitive data – like patents – in a more secure environment, home-grown, private clouds are the more costly (yet protected) option. Public clouds, however, offer that added flexibility in cost. Between these variations in cloud technologies and operating multiple clouds in one business, IT managers can drive themselves crazy trying to stay on top of things.


One solution comes in the form of an IT system pre-equipped to manage multiple clouds: IBM PureFlex. With cloud expertise integrated right in, this system is designed to optimize the integration of storage, networking, and all other aspects of an IT infrastructure the instant it hits your data center floor.


The fact is that the cloud has more than proven itself as a technology that the business world will continue to utilize for decades to come.


Many startup businesses now-a-days don’t even bother with setting up their own technology infrastructures right away; they start off utilizing cloud, and then focus on building their internal environments as a secondary thought.


As business demands continue to evolve – as 24×7 access to data becomes more the norm – IT infrastructures must keep pace. In many cases, the cloud holds the answer. Is your business cloud-ready? Do you have full control over your current cloud environment? Take the guesswork out of cloud.


Understanding the various benefits of different cloud models is the first step to achieving an optimally functional cloud. Discover the reason why many forward-thinking business are taking advantage of the cloud in our whitepaper, How Cloud Computing is Changing the Way SMB’s Do Business.