Survival of the Fittest: How MediSystem Pharmacy Faced Toronto Hydro and Didn’t Flinch



A business continuity plan is designed to mitigate downtime. But what if an organization doesn’t experience any downtime at all? Even better. MediSystem Pharmacy ended up being that exception to the rule when they incurred zero downtime in the face of the Toronto Hydro ice storm. Yes, this would be the same storm that wiped out power in Toronto for more than 250,000 customers. This is also the same storm that put a lot of businesses down for six days.


For MediSystem Pharmacy, six minutes of downtime, let alone six days would have endangered the lives of their patients. As a wholesale pharmacy that specializes in long-term care, they send out 20,000 prescriptions every day to nursing homes, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities. This is one of the largest distribution operations in all of Canada.


With The Tech Zone’s help, all of the MediSystem Pharmacy systems, including their workstations are battery powered and fail over to generators that can run for days. They also operate on naturally powered gas stations that are installed on-site.


MediSystem Pharmacy is also prepped for hydro outages with an off-site, remote system hosted in Barrie, Ontario. Users can access their data from different locations without having to step into a single office.


As John MacMurchy, Director of Information Technology at MediSystem Pharmacy pointed out, “the needs and objectives of their organization are very simple. They are a high-volume business that has a very low tolerance for downtime.” That means that any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy they employ must be reliable and a margin of error doesn’t apply.


The Tech Zone has consistently answered the call for MediSystem Pharmacy. According to MacMurchy, their business continuity expertise, enterprise-class IBM systems, and Roman Kantar’s deep IBM knowledge are clear differentiators. As MediSystem Pharmacy has grown in size and scale, The Tech Zone has delivered solutions that fit their needs and have kept their operations running without a hitch.


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About MediSystem Pharmacy

MediSystem Pharmacy provides innovative pharmacy services for residents and patients in long term care, retirement communities, and organizations that deliver specialized care.

They are dedicated to being a trusted partner by positively impacting health care outcomes through leading edge technology, exceptional clinical expertise, operational excellence, and personalized customer service.