From Surviving to Prospering: Discover How IT Drives SMB Business

How IT Drives SMB BusinessAs a veteran business owner, my stance on IT was that I could always handle it. Budgets are tight. I don’t shovel out money for things I can do myself. A new workstation comes in, great. I can handle that. I have to update the security software, okay. I’ll have to stay late again, but I can handle that.


It was when we started having issues with our on-site server that I found a good chunk of my day was being spent trying to keep our IT up and operating instead of running my business. On top of that, my 15 in-office employees were losing contracts to competitors due to the lag time on our bid-response application. My company wasn’t prospering; it was surviving.


The final straw came when our one good-old server crashed, and I couldn’t handle that. Thankfully, our filing system was so old that we still had physical records of financials, and my employees had enough personal backups to keep most of their work going.


In all, we lost nearly 2 weeks as we frantically tried to find every spare document we could uncover on people’s personal devices. Some contracts were lost, and we had a few clients leave from frustration. It was a dark time – one that I never want to experience again.


As much as I avoided it before, I knew it was time to search out a Service Provider. I knew I needed on-site assistance and help developing out a disaster recovery plan. What I didn’t expect was what followed.


The Tech Zone offered decent pricing. With their help, I was able to draw a firm line regarding what I could and could not handle IT-wise. The complicated processes I was just guessing on – like monitoring, alerts, and patch management – were handed off to experts. I was able to see what aspects of my IT environment were lacking and missing all together.


For one flat rate a year, my company was utilizing equipment and services we never would have been able to support and monitor – let alone afford to implement – on our own. From improved network security, to protecting our data via off-sit cloud backups, our systems were operating faster and more efficiently than they ever had before.


Our business performance improved so much that I found myself being able to head home at normal hours. I had no idea how bad things were until I saw just how much IT drove our sales and profits. From faster, more efficient billings, to having reliable bidding software, our company’s profit margins improved dramatically.


With the 24×7 proactive management, I can focus on my big projects and simply running my business day-to-day. And if there is a problem, the on-site and unlimited phone supports are always there, as well as the Live Canadian help desk.


On top of everything, Tech Zone still has organized records of our company’s purchases. They also log all of our on-site work, and even send out detailed reports of their findings. But, honestly, I’ve been working with these guys so long, I don’t really check those reports that thoroughly anymore. They search me out for the important questions, lay out the options in plain-old English, advise me what I should do, and, most of the time, I go with what they suggest.


I have been more than satisfied with my business’s performance after I decided to get the IT help I never knew I needed. I would recommend The Tech Zone to any SMB searching for great IT at a fair price.


If you are interested in discovering your company’s true IT potential, call on The Tech Zone experts for a no cost evaluation and optimize your IT environment without the upfront project, hardware, and software costs.

*Not actual SMB business owner, indicative of typical customer experience.