What does “Energy Efficiency” mean with the PureFlex system?

Looking to contain IT infrastructure costs? The Tech Zone understands that energy efficiency is a critical path for realizing significant IT cost reductions and increasing your return on technology investment. The IBM PureFlex System and Flex Systems promise extraordinary computing power, storage capabilities, and networking flexibility with the latest processors set in a no-compromise design. Yet, the most important benefit may be the estimated energy cost reductions of up to 40%!


In addition to energy efficiency, the PureFlex System offers a combination of computing, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single system that anticipates resource needs to optimize your infrastructure. A PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of your workloads.


The PureFlex System is available in three configurations, with x86 or POWER processor-based computing nodes that can be further customized to meet your precise IT infrastructure needs:


PureFlex Express:  Reduce complexity and free up IT experts from managing sprawling infrastructures while improving application reliability.


PureFlex Standard: Reduce the costs to support business applications such as CRM and ERP while providing the flexibility to meet new business demands.


PureFlex Enterprise: Reduce IT operational expense and deploy new services and applications more quickly with a cloud-ready infrastructure.


Want to learn how the IBM PureFlex System can reduce your energy costs? Looking to build your own system or upgrade an existing blade server installation? Contact us at The Tech Zone and take advantage of these new compute, networking and management capabilities with an IBM Flex System – a build-to-order solution designed to help you go beyond blades.