Practical Cost-cutting with IBM PureFlex

For many small to mid-sized businesses, there exists a real need to find an easy-to-maintain infrastructure that would help reduce labor and associated costs while speeding time to market. The Tech Zone understands IBM PureFlex System technology as well as anyone in the business. One key feature is the unique Flex System Manager node for simplified infrastructure management, which is an excellent answer to this need.


IBM PureFlex, which is part of the PureSystems family, can notably simplify the end-to-end application and IT operations life cycle by taking time, cost, and complexity out of many procedures. This integrated solution accelerates business and reduces costs, increasing virtual machine capacity by 60%.


One way these bottom line cost reductions are realized is by cutting months off of the typical system design and procurement cycle time. IBM PureSystems are predesigned to support the individual memory, I/O, networking, storage, and associated performance requirements of specific applications and middleware workloads. Thus, every hour, every day and every week a business saves waiting for a system to be ready for development, test, QA, or production deployments is time earned. This results in faster time-to-value and direct improvement to overall corporate profits.


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