Are Security Issues Keeping You From the Cloud?

Have you delayed migrating to the cloud due to security concerns?


According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value 2010 Global IT Risk Study, 77% of respondents believe that adopting cloud computing makes protecting privacy more difficult; 50% are concerned about a data breach or loss; and 23% indicate that the weakening of corporate network security is a concern.


At The Tech Zone, we take these concerns seriously. Our dedicated data center and experienced engineers ensure your data is secure and easily accessed 24x7x365. We also stay abreast of leading trends and solutions. For example, IBM has taken action to improve cloud security by offering new IBM Cloud Security Infrastructure and Services, as well as using its expertise to outline a two-pronged approach for clients seeking to dramatically improve cloud security:


Step 1:  Plan and Assess the Security Strategy for the Cloud  

  • IBM Cloud Security Strategy Roadmap – The new roadmap is designed to help organizations understand, establish and outline the steps for realizing their security goals in relation to their cloud computing strategy.
  • IBM Cloud Security Assessment – The new assessment is designed to help provide an in-depth understanding of the current state of a current or planned cloud solution’s security controls, mechanisms and architecture.
  • IBM Application Security Services for Cloud – The new offering allows CIOs to have a clear picture of how and where sensitive data will circulate in a cloud environment.


Step 2: Obtain Security Services from the Cloud

  • IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Security Event and Log Management – This enhanced offering is a cloud-based solution for security incident and event management that consolidates the security event and log data of operating systems, applications and infrastructure equipment, providing a seamless platform from which to assess and respond to real-time and historical traffic.
  • IBM Managed Security Services Hosted Vulnerability Management – This enhanced cloud-based scanning service helps companies to identify vulnerabilities across network devices, servers, web applications and databases to help manage concerns and reduce the cost of security operations.


The Tech Zone security services offer comprehensive, end-to-end IBM risk management solutions designed to protect against threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security. Let us help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure.


Learn more about how we can help you plan a secure roadmap to the cloud by contacting us today.